We've been stockpiling bullets since 2008 for a reason

From Scott McKay's Seven Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants So Badly

The parts of those cities that have burned won’t come back. And they shouldn’t.

When those commercial areas go up in smoke, the business owners don’t come back. If they’re not ruined, since their insurance doesn’t cover damage suffered in riots, they’re going to start over somewhere else.

So that burned-out building stays burned out. Or even if it doesn’t, it surely stays vacant.

Sure, you can do opportunity zones and you can try to use tax credits to induce commerce back into those areas. That generates marginal success at best. Because at the end of the day, everybody figures this is an area where the locals were so stupid and so disrespectful that they looted and burned down the very shops that kept the neighborhood going. And who wants to do business with such people?

Today’s Democrats are too stupid to understand history, and they’re reelecting Trump with every building that burns.

You don’t have to go any further back than 1968 to know that when America gets its fill of domestic violence and insurrection, it votes for the most conservative candidate it can find. How do you think Richard Nixon, who was the political version of a broken-down claiming horse who had lost an election for the governorship of California just a few years earlier, rolled into the White House like a tsunami? Nixon was the law-and-order candidate. It didn’t really matter what else he was; the Silent Majority gave him the job and a mandate to put an end to The Sixties.

Democrats have been trying to recreate The Sixties ever since, and the public has been trying to tell them The Sixties weren’t all that awesome.