Trek beer

Hey remember back in the day when the "who would you like to drink a beer with" was going around? Well I thought I'd do one for Star Trek. We're talking actors here, not characters.

Who from each Trek series would you most want to drink a beer with? Pretend they're all still alive.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Easy choice here: James Doohan not only was a Canadian war hero who invested a sport but was by the far the most fun TOS cast member on the convention circuit.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
This is a tougher one. Both Michael Dorn and LeVar Burton offscreen were fun people to be around. Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton of course have their heads so far up their asses that you don't want to deal with them. Still, have to go with Jonathon Frakes.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
This is absolutely the toughest series to decide this with. Obviously you'd want to sit at a bar with Nicole deBoer or Terry Farrel. Even Nana Visitor's boobs are still holding up with time pretty good. But as a nearly unavoidable rule you'd want to drink beer with a man and actually enjoy the company. Since DS9 has such a large recurring cast you might want to have a drink with Jeffrey Combs, J.G. Hertzler or even Robert O'Reilly. And we can't forget Mark Shepard, the rather enjoyable "actor" who played Morn. This time though it's Michael Dorn versus Colm Meany and this time I have to give it to Dorn. He's more laid back and enjoyable, Meany by all accounts is in real-life a bit of a prick (and a tad punchy when drunk).

Star Trek: Voyager
Robert Duncan McNeill, while more than a little on the nerdy side, is ultimately the only human being on that show. I don't mean the character either, I mean all the other actors seem slightly crazy. You might enjoy again a drink with Jeri Ryan (who has aged quite well) but it isn't for the camaraderie.

Star Trek: Enterprise
This is another tough one, and for the first time I have to give it to the series lead Scott Bakula, who's folksy real life persona is a little more appealing than Connor Trinneer, Bonus points again if you find yourself sitting next to Linda Park at a bar though.

Star Trek: Discovery
This is not a real Star Trek show and does not count.

Star Trek: Picard
This is not a real Star Trek show and does not count.

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Not even remotely related: Other than #1, I don't think anybody can defend this list of "science fiction's greatest beverages. Romulan Ale (mentioned in at least three Star Trek movies and once as a plot point) is behind a Babylon 5 themed drink that is not mentioned in the episode nor mentioned on the infamous Lurker's page