True madness

Executive director of Edmonton’s Downtown Business Association resigns after 'all lives matter' tweet

It's at least worth noting most of the comments on these stories aren't signing onto the narrative.

Reminder: never apologize to these Woke pieces of garbage: if you're already forced out, go out and all them on their retarded faggotry:

In his resignation letter, posted on the DBA website, O’Donnell said he deeply regretted his tweet and plans to educate himself more on issues around injustice, unconscious bias and systemic racism.

“I fully and completely apologize for using ‘ALM’, a term that is associated with hate and racism,” he said. “I was wrong to use it and am sorry for the hurt that it has caused. I have dedicated much of my life to community building and this comment has undone much of that work. I am disappointed that I have let others down, and I have let myself down.”

Additional sensible comments: Edmonton's #NiggerLivesAreMoreImportantMotherfucker petition gets torn apart at the bottom of the page