The inestimable Mark Steyn on #BlackOutTuesday:
I'm thinking of starting #PlywoodThursday, when SteynOnline covers up its logo with a sheet of plywood in solidarity with all those convenience stores and all-night pharmacies trying to ward off the looters. Perhaps we'll get a hashtag - #FunctioningSocietyMatters, if only to a few of us.
The New Normal and the Old Normal operate simultaneously: it's illegal to barbecue a steak in your backyard but feel free to barbecue the entire supermarket you got it from. The internal contradictions of Lockdownistan holding state-approved riots are no problem for a skilled commissar like New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy:
He addressed the apparent disconnect between his own executive order shutting down nonessential businesses and his support for the protests, which concentrated populations in violation of social distancing.

'It's one thing to protest – I don't want to make light of this and I'll probably get lit up by everybody who owns a nail salon in the state, but it's one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening and it's another to come out in peaceful protest overwhelmingly about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes.'
Oh, okay, then. In the new America, business is non-essential but riots are essential.