Mona Wang is a hysteric bitch

Over in BC, mentally ill Mona Wang is upset the police manhandled her during a wellness check:

According to a civil lawsuit, Wang’s boyfriend called 911 while Wang was in mental distress and asked for a health check.
Part of the interaction between Wang and the RCMP officer, Const. Lacy Browning, was captured on the building’s surveillance camera.

Video footage shows the student being dragged down the hallway by Browning.

In the civil claim, Wang states that Browning handcuffed her and dragged her down a hallway after finding her lying semiconscious on the bathroom floor, next to empty pill bottles.

The lawsuit also states that as a result of the incident, Wang suffered bruises to her face plus broken blood vessels in her left eye, a swollen right eye and bruising to her right temple.
The important part of this whole story is Wang's boyfriend called 911. Because the psycho bitch was being violent, presumably. Unlike in the States, we don't get to hear the 911 calls that would answer a lot of questions.

Which comes to the ultimate problem: the reason police have to show up for wellness checks is because these psychotic crazies like Mona Wang are dangerous. Hundreds of Mississauga Derka Derkas just finished protesting the death of a guy who was killed by police during a "wellness check" when he aggressively charged at them with a knife. There are calls to stop having police show up entirely, which is fine by me with a single caveat:

All Wellness Checks should be performed by unarmed far-left social workers. One at a time.

This would solve at least one problem! There still, unfortunately, is the problem that these mentally ill nutters with edged weapons can cause harm to the general populace. After all, that's why the police were being called into wellness checks anyways: paramedics and others who can provide care to these crazy people were in danger of dying. Since we've decided to make sure the far-left social workers get slaughtered first that will presumably resolve this issue. The next issue, then, is the homeless and crackheads who don't just fest in crazy by themselves and only lash out against the people who would help them, but instead are out in the streets threatening citizens and breaking into our homes and vehicles. Since apparently we don't want the police dealing with these people there's one other minor thing we need

Citizens should be allowed to own all manner of firearms and legally carry them in public both open and concealed, so that we can protect ourselves and perform impromptu "wellness checks" when we find them in the quonset.

With these two minor changes, I agree that the police should never be doing a "wellness check" or indeed dealing with the mentally ill ever again.