Happy birthday Robert Davi

So last night I was watching the RedLetterMedia review of The Last Dragon (featuring Macaulay Culkin) and Macaulay briefly started discussing the "classic" film The Goonies.

I watched I think half of The Goonies at a friend's place once and I don't have fond memories of it, so it's not really in my brain. Anyways the clip they showed clearly showed Robert Davi (Kohla from Stargate Atlantis) so I checked the IMdB page to confirm. And surprise surprise, today is Robert Davi's 69th birthday.

Also of note, Davi is a staunch conservative who endorsed George W. Bush (pbuh) and later Donald Trump. For some additional SciFi plus conservative linkage, in 2016 Robert Davi replaced Babylon 5's Jerry Doyle as the host of his syndicated radio show after his tragic death.