The Truth about Tamir Rice and Elijah McClain

Extremist activists behind #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers are now making a big deal about a couple old deaths.

One of them is Elijah McClain from Colorado who died while fighting with police who never drew their weapon.

The other is Tamir Rice, a 12 year old kid who was playing with a cap gun.

In the case of McClain, the first thing to remember is even though he hadn't committed a felony he was being questioned as he met the description of a suspicious person complaint: he was wearing a ski mask (it was in Colorado....in August) and waving his arms around. Upon being questioned he violently attacked the officers to such an extent that he knocked some of their body cameras off. The footage before his death showed he initiated the fight. No officers drew their guns: like George Floyd he seemed to have a drug problem as he was vomiting several times after the scuffle. He either died of an allergic reaction to the ketamine paramedics administered to sedate him (even when down he was extremely violent), or an asthma attack.

Rice, on the other hand, wasn't just playing with a cap gun: it had been illegally modified to resemble a real gun by removing the orange identification caps. He was pointing it at passerbys and then at officers with aggressive "I'm preparing to fire" body language such as lining up the sights and entering a stiffened stance. Additionally, and here's the next bit people don't know, Rice was 12 years old, but was 5'7" and 195 lbs, 3 pounds and 2 inches smaller than the average American 20 year old. Indeed, the photo below shows both the toy gun with the cap removed, and the real life Colt M1911 it was meant to emulate.

You may see "Colt M1911" on the top gun, but guess what? It's the fake. The point being that none of the defenses against this shooting hold water: he certainly wasn't a "little boy" and he was holding what appeared to be a legitimately lethal firearm.

In both the cases of McClain and Rice, the facts still support what has been the conservative position this whole time: there is no systemic racism causing blacks to be unfairly shot by police. Almost every case, once you hear the story about it, is about a violent nigger who behaved badly and died as a result of it. Unfortunately, the far-left keeps screaming this lie because of how effective it is: Colorado initiated a new witch hunt to try and endlessly search for a crime to charge the officers with in the McClain case (even though if there was any error it was the paramedic). The Tamir Rice case will be more difficult as the officers were already charged and a Grand Jury dropped them, but you know the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers psychos will be braying for this.

Not entirely unrelated: As part of the general allegy to the truth these far-left activists are known for, one of the big pushers for this is Kristen Clarke, who has been leading the charge to get VDARE banned from the internet for the crime of speaking truth to her ugly group's power.