The 21 Second Pause

Every once and a while a reporter asks Justin Trudeau a question he has to think about.

Uh, let's try that again.

Well okay, every once and a while a "reporter" asks Justin Trudeau a "question" he has to "think" about.

Recently, Rat Bastard 2.0 just didn't even "umm" and "hmmm" when asked a question -- er, sorry, a "question" -- about Donald Trump. It was an easy softball for him (just say "orange man bad" and the press would probably give you a standing ovation and move on) and he just sat there like Rich Evans in Space Cop staring ahead for 21 seconds. I know it was 21 seconds because the media won't shut up about it.

On a completely unrelated manner, how many penises do you see in the image below?

The Exner scoring system says you're supposed to see exactly two, the two thick protrusions about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom (one on either side). If you also see phallic imagery in the two mini-spires about 2/3 of the way up (the erect ones) you think about sex too much. But regardless the whole point of the Rorschach Test is supposed to be that you draw yourself into it, it tells you more about you than the person who drew the inkblot. On the other hand, maybe this Exner guy was repressed and only two two dicks and not four. What if you don't see any penises and instead think it's like a guitar with some broken strings?

And that's what Trudeau's 21 seconds really are. If you think he's an idiot, it's him confused and unable to articulate anything in his brain. If you think Trump is the idiot, it's Trudeau thinking of a measured and thoughtful response without agitating his largest trading partner. It's a Kuleshov Effect and nothing more.

My guess? Shiny Pony never gets asked questions he isn't given a heads up for in advance. He had to think of an answer. It explains why reporters he doesn't like and can't control are kept away.