A suggestion to website designers

When you tell me to enter my password, along with the "I forgot my password and need to go through the annoying reset method" button can you please put a "why don't you tell me what the password rules for your website happen to be" button next to it?

I can't be the only person who always tries to use a common but simple password for my accounts.

If it's a password that has to be at least 4 characters, then I know to try my basic password


If you want a password to be at least 6 characters long and contain at least one number, then I know that I had used a different password:


If you want a password to be 8 characters long and contain one capital letter and one special character then I know I used that password instead:


If you want a password that's at least 12 characters long and contains at least one capital and at least one number and at least one special character and you can't use the same letter twice in a row, then obviously I used the other password:


Then some websites insist that the password be at least 16 characters long, contains at least one but no more than five lower case letters, use at least 3 different numbers and at least two special characters but one of them has to be ! @ # $ % + - or ^ and the other has to be one of * ( ) < > { } [ ] ~ and you can't reuse the same letter twice in a row or use the same letter more than 4 times.


(don't laugh, I've seen password rules almost that intense) 

What invariably happens in these cases is that I'll try logging into my mutual fund website, or MODDB account, or my Steam account, or my work portal account, or one of a trillion websites I have passwords on, and then presume to know which password I have for it.

It doesn't work, so I assume a typo and then enter it more carefully.

It still doesn't work, so then I try moving up or down the password list until between 3-10 login attempts later I'm locked out and have to enter my password. At which point I'm all excited to type in k1llfags and be ready for the next time, only to discover that this password has to be 8-12 characters in length, not use any 3-letter combination which is also an English word, and use exactly one special character but only @, $, *, and =.

You couldn't have told me this earlier?

Just put it in the "forgot my password" splash page and give me a realistic chance to guess my correct password. And that sounds weird to say, but yes guess my own password.

I'm 80% sure we all do it. Help us guess the right one. Oh, and while I have you, stop telling me I can't use a previous password you fucking psychos.