@BoychukKaren is a liar and therefore needs to be in prison

Karen is very very very very very very very very very clear on this.FREE SPEECH DOES NOT EQUAL FALSE SPEECH.

If you engage in "false speech", then you have no right to any sort of communication with your fellow man. And, she also makes it clear, we need to...know the difference.

So who volunteers to seize Karen, put her in chains, and lock her away far from anybody else lest she try to use the speech which she freely admits she no longer has the human right to engage in?

Oh, wait, sorry, you're probably wondering what specific lie she engaged in. Well, let's take a random selection. For one, here is Karen explicitly lying by claiming Tucker Carlson made an argument which did not appear in the broadcast as she claims:

We don't need to continue. Karen lied, therefore she needs to be censored by the United States Government. Oh, but we can keep going. How about falsely accusing somebody of lying? Isn't that something she can be thrown in front of a firing squad for?

For those interested in "facts", critical race theory is a worldview, and therefore can exist even without somebody explicitly describing it thereof...you'd think somebody who constantly calls people Nazis (while pretending that Ukraine doesn't have neo-Nazis) would comprehend this (oh, and another lie: the Soviet Union and 2022 Russia are in fact different governments and aren't both "plotting with Germany to conquer Europe"). Lo and behold, Virginia schools were being explicitly guided by the State Government to implement key aspects of Critical Race Theory and educators even admitted that key aspects of Critical Race Theory made its way into the classrooms. "CRT doesn't exist in K-12"? So at no point in their entire public school careers would students learn for example that only blacks can "truly" speak regarding racism in America? So why did Fairfax County spend twenty grand getting nigger grifter Ibram Kendi to speak to the teachers who apparently will not be using any of that in their K-12 lesson planning?

So what about lying by accusing others of lying by quoting known liars? Is that something that should mean Karen Boychuk should lose her speech rights forever? I don't see why not, and hey look what we have over here!

By 2022 Karen could no longer claim ignorance: she is in fact lying. God-Emperor Donald J. Trump did indeed say that he was aligning more with Vladimir Putin than the United States Intelligence Community regarding the claims of "election interference" in the 2016 Presidential Election. In 2018 this was an outrageous thing to say. By 2022, not so much...you see, it turned out that the US security state was flat out wrong. There remains no evidence that the DNC hacker was directed by the Russian government, and of course we all know from the Steele Dossier et al that the US Intelligence Community was publicly stating things they already knew to be false. In other words, they lied, Trump didn't, and Karen lied by continuing to take the liars word over His. Hell by March of 2022 we not only knew that "Russian collusion" wasn't a thing and "Russian plot to install Trump" wasn't a thing, but even that "Russian plot to fake Hunter Biden's laptop exposing his father's corruption" wasn't a thing.

Another lie, Karen. MAiD yourself.