Let's Talk about how faggots are all mentally ill

Editor's Note: This post was (obviously) intended to post for "Bell Let's Talk" in January of 2018 but got caught up in draft status: five years later is still faster than it took the New York Times to discover there were Presidential scandals from 2008-2016. Meanwhile this year remember Bell Let's Talk took place in the shadow of MAiD...

Bell Let's Talk Day is like a backwards version of Ramadan or Mad Magazine issues: every one comes later and later in the year.

The one thing anybody on social media notices is how many sodomites are promoting this cause. For some reason 'nobody' can fully fathom, those who choose an interior lifestyle choice have mental problems that manifest themselves in everything from anal sex to slitting your own jugular.

I usually make this point every year, what made this year different was I recalled that we finally have a counter-point: a Canadian pornstar who criticized trannies (the most mentally broken of all poofters) committed suicide in California after the intense backlash. The contrast is especially noteworthy when you remember that the lie pillow biters always use to explain away their prestigious self-immolation rate is that it's a result of 'bullying'.

But as everything from Lindsey Shepard to Feynman and Coulter's Love Child tells us, the victims of abuse and 'bullying' isn't those who make this horrible lifestyle choice as much as those who criticize or question -- even mildly -- the validity of their choice.