What killed Damar Hamlim and Uche Nwaneri?

Over the weekend the major story (other than this 2023 thing) was that Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlim suffered a fatal possibly fatal heart attack during a football game.

CPR was administered to Hamlin, 24, on the field for multiple minutes after he collapsed following his tackle of Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Hamlin received oxygen, according to the ESPN broadcast, as he was placed in the ambulance and taken off the field some 16 minutes after he collapsed. He then was driven to the nearby University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Now at this time, we don't know what killed nearly and/or possibly killed Damar Hamlim. It's certainly odd for a 24 year old to suffer a heart attack, let alone a 24 year old pro athlete. Could it have been caused by the impact, and absolutely positively nothing else? Yeah, it could.

It wasn't a heart attack, but an arena football player died after making a tackle in 2005. Heart problems were identified as a major risk among soccer players in 2018, and a high school football player in Florida was in hospital after a tackle revealed a life threatening brain disorder in the fall of 2019. A 300lb high schooler died while waiting his turn for another chance to hit a practice dummy. Most of all, over a decade ago a 19 year old football player died from cardiac arrhythmia during a casual basketball game.

There could be other factors at play. Armond Armstead won the 100th Grey Cup for the Toronto Argos after almost dying from a heart attack in college possibly linked to the painkiller Toradol. 28 year old NFL defensive end Gaines Adams died of a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart in 2010. Mechanisms that could cause a heart attack just from a hit have been the topic of a 2014 study. It doesn't have to be a side effect of the COVID vaccine.

But yeah, it could easily be the COVID vaccine. It could easily not, of course, but therein lies a couple of problems.

Firstly, as many have pointed out, the medical profession has already been caught on numerous occasions refusing to come clean about vaccine risks and side effects. In Canada, for example, medical professionals have refused to fill out the AEFI forms required to officially document vaccine side effects.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, individual cases are hard to ascertain the impact of the Pfizer Death Juice. It can be very hard to specifically point to the vaccines as the effect may take months or years to show itself and each impact could be caused by one of a dozen other things. Indeed thalidomide got used and passed clinical trials in part because of this reason. In 1954 you could have made just as many excuses as per above regarding any specific child's birth defects.

Which is why the big secret to this is sniffing out drug impacts using statistical analysis. Athletes die of heart attacks and have for decades: the question is when you look at all of the athletes who have been dying since the Pfizer Death Juice was brought onto the scene, is there a statistically significant variation between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated?

Unfortunately and possibly deliberately, the Viro Fascists who instituted the vaccine rollout created a situation where this is difficult if not impossible. After all, we all remember how they were so proud and excited to show off how many of their active players had received the jab...

The NFL's COVID-19 vaccination rate as of January 13 is as follows:

  • Nearly 95% of NFL players are vaccinated; nearly 100% of NFL personnel are vaccinated.
  • With such a highly vaccinated population, the NFL environment is not comparable to anywhere else in society. We will continue to work with the NFLPA with the goal of having 100% of players vaccinated

In other words, the NFL just screwed science over (as they "support the science" or whatever). The NFL has 1,696 players.That means that no more than 85 players refused the Pfizer Death Juice (1,612 players is 95.04%, which is more than "nearly"). As a result, we now have two populations of 1611 and 85. So say we have a number x of heart attacks per year of NFL players. The question becomes simply "are heart attacks more common in the vaccinated group than the unvaccinated group?" The CDC put out a handy-dandy guide once, noting that heart risks for certain NFL players were higher than expected [PDF]. From that guide we note that 126/3439 (3.66%) died of heart disease at some point (so of our 1696 players 62 of them will die from heart related ailments). Since the average life expectancy of an NFL player is 55 years and you can't join the league until you're 20 years old, that means using some back of the envelope calculations and pretending that the death rate of heart disease is constant throughout the league (it clearly isn't) then we expect 1.77 heart attacks deaths per year. These obviously aren't the correct answers but they do give us a decent starting point.

So let's assume that this death rate is equal for both vaccinated and unvaccinated players. As a result, we assume that 1.68 heart deaths per year occur among the vaccinated players and 0.09 heart deaths per year occur among the unvaccinated players. I think you're starting to get the sense dimensionally where we are going to very quickly run into trouble. So currently we have 1 heart attack amongst the vaccinated, and 0 amongst the vaccinated. However, to get our 1.68 expected unvaccinated heart attacks we have to wait almost nineteen years. The Bernoulli parameters become almost impossible. The odds of a single unvaccinated player having a heart attack during a season is so low that you could go 49 seasons without a single unvaccinated heart attack and still not have that 5% confidence that it was a statistical significance...and that's based on our 1/35th equal weighted assumption. On the flip side, since so a high percentage of vaccinated NFLers exist, it's not going to be easy to prove that vaccination rather than another factor is the cause of what promises to be an endemic of, what's that phrase? Oh right, Died Suddenly.

In reality, the WuFlu vaccines will be extremely difficult to detect and that's even with the false assumption that researchers won't be motivated to just go along with the consensus (again). In many high profile avenues such as sports, simply too many people were coerced into taking this dangerously useless drug. Science works best when you have a control group to go along with your untested (or at least unpublishedly tested) experimental group. By demanding that "everybody" be vaccinated and conveniently creating a disparity that makes it more and more statistically difficult (read: needs more data points and takes longer) to demonstrate that the vaccines weren't all they were chalked up to be, those who insisted it was ignorant to not follow the science just made science's job all the more difficult.

Totally unrelated: Just a couple days ago another American football player died of a heart attack. Uche Nwaneri was 38, and hadn't played since 2014, so like many negroes he may not have been vaccinated.