@mchamberlain202 - Bad Religion is a Christian rock band, because their logo "wields Christian symbols"

Fact: The Freedom Convoy inspired the world.

For once Canada was in the news, and around the globe people took inspiration from it. It taught them they were not alone, other people opposed the Viro Fascist agenda, and that governments were wrong to impose strict controls on the populace.

It was inevitable, therefore, that dishonest leftists like this faggot Chamberlain would attack it, and use all the tools (mainly dishonest discourse) in their toolbox. You see, and please sit down if you are sensitive as this might knock you over, people used a Nazi comparison to attack a government.

I know, it's shocking. Uh, wait, but didn't Mikey up here just finish calling Poilievre a "fascist"? So why was he upset that people were calling Justin Trudeau a fascist?

Because like it or not, that's what the infamous "guy in Ottawa with a Nazi flag" was doing: protesting Justin Trudeau by calling him a Nazi. (For those curious, that means the "fact" that was proclaimed in his tweet isn't actually true). The same as the people putting Hitler moustaches on Shiny Pony or even giant billboards to that same effect. Hell, it's become a cottage industry. Years ago there was a punk band whose t-shirt had the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) wearing a Nazi uniform (and Sid Vicious was wearing one to accuse Thatcher of Nazism decades earlier [pdf]). Similarly George W. Bush (pbuh) and God-Emperor Donald Trump were both depicted as Nazis without a peep of complaint that anybody with a sign with Trump and a swastika was a "white supremacist wielding Nazi symbols".

Indeed months before the noble Freedom Convoy ever left Vancouver, I had coined the term "Viro Fascist" (as already used above) to describe the people who insisted that due to an ineffective Chinese bioweapon we needed to lose our fundamental human rights to mobility and association.

What's offensive is thinking that Pierre Poilievre is a "fascist" because he endorses some of the same aims as the people who accuse Justin Trudeau of fascism for actual government restrictions placed on the citizenry. (Helpful hint: one is more "fascist" than the other). Indeed it's important to note that Rat Bastard 2.0's reaction to the Freedom Convoy -- in particular freezing supporter's bank accounts -- has forever destroyed his international brand even among the Left. That it literally became the merger of state and corporate power to oppress the citizenry was the wielding of Nazi doctrine and tactics.

When Pierre Poilievre comes even close to that, Chamberlain is permitted a chance to take a break from molesting underage boys to call him a fascist.