@leswilliams2 - Every immigrant killer is immigration's fault

Counter-Signal founder Keean Bexte made waves last month when he noted that the Vaughn condo killer wasn't born in Canada.

Les seemed to think that the date we imported this lousy I-Toi makes a difference as the validity of the immigration system in general. He is, of course wrong.

Whether he immigrated five hours before committing his crime or five decades, the calculus remains clear: this man wasn't entitled to live in Canada until we let him. Bang up job.

Every single immigrant who commits every single crime is a fault of the system. It doesn't have to exist. It's similar to the point I made in October about foreign vs. domestic "misinformation".

AOC and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Richard Glossip and Bill Cosby were all born in America: like it or not, you're stuck with them. Piers Morgan and Javier Bardem and Jean Macean and Gerson Fuentes are not: they don't have to be allowed in which makes any actions they take kind of your fault.

Francesco Villi could have been kept out of Canada. There's absolutely no question about that fact. His Canadian-born kids can't: born in Canada (even to an immigrant) is still born in Canada. Born and raised and marinated here is an automatic process. We might wish to improve it, but we cannot change it.

Immigrants are another matter. If you support the immigration system in the calendar year an immigrant arrives, you caused the heartbreak his future crimes wrought.

And like Shiny Pony and Les Williams, you should have to eat every one of those nails you're putting in Canada's coffin.