@whiskeykiller is going to love hearing about fake Syrian refugees

As heads of State go, the British monarchy is a great deal.

The far-left liars at Narcity tried a hit piece on Her Royal Highness based on a misunderstanding of a report from the Monarchist League of Canada a few years ago. Their biggest and most glaring sin, of course, is not noticing that Governor General costs would still exist sans the monarchy. Indeed there's no reason to believe the costs wouldn't in fact skyrocket: already the useless bitches that Liberal Prime Ministers appoint to the position treat the office like a lifetime neverending lottery ticket. While Rye is worried that Narcity didn't bother to tell us how the office of the Governor General spent the money, he did seem to think that the British Royal Family "lived off it for free". They don't, of course.

Mark Steyn of course had a famous column pointing out how the British Royal Family costs a fraction of the expenses that President Monkey accrued, which is another data point which gives the distinct impression that without the sense of modesty and restraint that comes with being a 20th or 21st century Royal, the Entitlement Class seems to have no qualms running up the tab. The British taxpayer sort of kinda gives the House of Windsor a break, but as we've noted before that makes 10,000 times more sense than charging the King taxes.

Even so, the British government pays that bill. Only in the cases of a Royal Visit do we actually foot the bill, and as Steyn noted the Brits are pretty good at keeping those costs under control.

If you really want to worry about Canadian tax dollars going to support lazy worthless people who just lounge around for free, the fake Syrian "refugees" were going to cost us over a billion bucks: that's enough to sustain the monarchy for twenty-one years and if we use the standard Liberal currency conversion rate a few terrorists pretending to be fleeing war are going to cost more than the entire Royal Family has cost over the entire history of the English line of succession.

In a single year Red Indians cost Canadian taxpayers more than four centuries of the British Royal Family, and their work ethic makes the laziest Royal look like Phil Hartman playing Ronald Reagan.