@newzjunkey - The proper term is "correctly describing the suspect and the pathology which drives them"

Every day another refugee or illegal immigrant commits a violent crime. Hell many times multiple within a single day. It happens in America. It happens in Canada. It happens in the United Kingdom. It happens in France. It happens in Belgium. It happens in Sweden.

As we've noted recently, refugees don't have to be around. You can refuse to accept them and mass deport them. It's a conscious choice to bring them into your country and leave them in, even when it's clear you'd be better off sealing your borders and shooting attempted immigrants on sight.

As a slight aside, one of the biggest years for refugees in history was 2022, caused by Ukrainians fleeing the special military operation being conducted by Russia along their border. As a result, millions of (mostly white) refugees have been spread across the globe. Curiously enough, not a whole lot of them have been arrested.

Stan would call such a statement racist. Yet he wouldn't be able to also call it untrue.