Deport everybody who has moved to Canada since 1993

Editor's Note: this post got caught up in Draft status and was never published. In December 2015 the fake Syrian refugees weren't all in Canada, unfortunately by November 2016 they were and they've continued to drain the taxpayer ever since. The recent news that Canada set a new record for immigration in 2022 drives all the points in this post home even more.

Shiny Pony has backed down from his ridiculous plan to import 25,000 "Syrian" "refugees" by the end of the year. The 25,000 total target, however, remains.

There's so much wrong with it, and if you don't feel like reading all the links in that first paragraph I suppose I can summarize in a little detail.

Let's start at the end: these aren't Syrian refugees, this is an invading army. 72% of these "refugees" are adult males. During the election campaign I mentioned that Harper should really call the bluff on these refugees, and agree to take Shiny Pony's 25,000 refugees on the condition that Canada only bring in women with children. (Not, you may note, women and children: no child over the age of 15 (not 17!) would be brought into Canada. After all, what compassionate leftist wouldn't agree to that? It would also ensure that we were only getting actual refugees. Sorry young Syrian men: you either fight to make your country civilized, or die in it. It turns out Shiny Pony almost did that: but he insisted that sodomites be included in the bill. Now I know the average pillow biter is even less reliable in a fight than a woman but is there a reason Syrian's fags can't fight for their country? Notice Shiny Pony isn't prioritizing Christian refugees.

Secondly, let's remember that these "refugees" aren't even Syrian (I didn't ditto-mark both words above because I was keyboard-happy). While there may be a lot of Syrians trying to flee their country, they aren't necessary the same group washing up on Italian shores like so many six-pack-rings. Of the refugees that arrive in Europe...

Some 44,000 of the 213,000 refugees who arrived in Europe were from Syria
That's a pretty damning statistic right then and there. When leftists like Trudeau bleat about the poor Syrian refugees, they like to pretend that we get to swoop into refugee camps and pluck out the ones we want like parents buying their child a rabbit. While we in North America have a lot more leeway than the poor EU does, where the migrant tide is simply sailing across the Med, we're still in many cases left taking the migrants word at face value as to where they're from. There have been cases of Pakistani passports being buried between Serbia and Hungary. The Syrians in the camps in Jordan or Lebanon are probably the best bet to nab actual Syrians, but instead we'll probably get the ones from Europe. Which means the fake ones who the CBC loves to lie about. PM Shiny Pony is pulling people from the refugee camps, which have a better (but not great!) track record. Most of them are indeed Syrian. But they're still not people that anybody should want in Canada.

Which leads us to the next problem: "vetting" the incoming fake refugees to find out which of them are fakes and/or terrorists. As the great Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Mag writes:
Ask a politician how the “refugees” will be vetted and he’ll start talking about the number of government agencies involved, how many months it lasts and all the different types of checks.

It sounds impressive, but it’s meaningless paperwork. Bureaucrats will move piles of paper around that say things like, “We have no information.” More “layers of screening” will mean more pieces of paper.

The only people we can effectively vet are already in our system. The passports carried by migrants are often fake. Even Syrians will carry fake passports to hide their identities. Iraqis, Afghans and even Africans have shown up claiming to be Syrians. And the Syrian refugees themselves say they can’t always tell which of them is fake. If they can’t tell, how will some government employee from Milwaukee?

We have held terrorists at Guantanamo Bay for a decade without ever learning their real names. If we can’t put a name to a single terrorist from a functioning country after a decade, how can we possibly be sure who the tens of thousands of migrants showing up from non-functioning countries are?

We can’t.

Biometric information may work for terrorists who were once in our custody, but it’ll be completely useless for terrorists that neither we nor our allies have ever encountered before.

Syria is a non-functioning state and a state sponsor of terror. We can’t rely on it and that means we have to rely on information from UNHCR. The UN refugee agency is incompetent and overloaded. Its employees are corrupt and have a history of selling refugee cards to the highest bidder.

It’s UNHCR that decides who qualifies for resettlement and any vetting we do afterward is cosmetic.
So even when Shiny Pony decided to extend the vetting period, it's really just so much window dressing. The same lazy and biased bureaucrats who cheered his election are now going to be pretending to "vet" his fake refugees. They will utterly fail at it. You're going to see "children" who are 17+, female suicide bombers, and those who financially support terrorism. In other words, the very people that PM Shiny Pony says aren't going to get into Canada will get into Canada.

What, though, of those who legitimately pass the vetting process? What kind of people are being let into the country en masse? The answer is Middle Eastern gutter trash.

Not a single "Syrian" "refugee" should be allowed into the country. They are horrible people. They're physically diseased. They're mentally diseased. They hate western values. Even those who aren't terrorists will happily support them against us.