@seamonsterCT - I thought "your mask protects me, my mask protects you" though?

Here's the thing, doc. I didn't wear the mask.

On a few small occasions during the Wuhan Flu pandemic I was in a situation where a mask was required, and there wasn't a way around it (like there was at, say, the liquor or grocery store), it did essentially nothing.

For one thing, I poked holes in all of my masks. Sometimes very large holes: at least my thumb could fit through every single one of them. That "did the trick" though. It didn't cover my nose either, and if you want the best bit every time while wearing the hole-filled mask where I coughed or sneezed I made zero effort whatsoever to cover my face. Did you much vaunted study examine the rates in a scenario where people aren't interested in complying with your Viro Fascist tendencies? I didn't think so. Ever notice that the real life data never lined up with the models and the lab studies? Did you ever ask why that was? I knew. That automatically makes me a better scientist than you'll ever be.

When will all you "experts" get it through your stupid heads: we will not comply because you're too stupid to tell us how to live. You deserve no respect and I will not rest until you understand your place.