@abdulh_gilani - Then why doesn't the data reflect this?

Viro Fascist Abdulh actually supported vaccine passports. For that alone I'm calling for the death penalty.

But then his justification for it is almost as bad. This is from October of 2021, so he hadn't gotten the memo yet that he isn't supposed to claim that you wouldn't spread the Wuhan Flu after you took the Pfizer Death Juice.

Likewise he was still clinging to the "it stops you from getting severly (sic) ill" bugaboo that's still floating around but gee they really put the brakes on that one too didn't they?

He must really hate that I was unvaccinated, got COVID, and didn't even notice. That evil pieces of trash like him were ever permitted to spew such nonsense on social media with absolutely zero consequence is a stain on our society from which we may never recover.

The thread started with a rah-rah bit of cheerleading from Doug Ford about Ontario's high vaccination rate in early October of 2021. Let's take a look at how things looked in October of 2021 [pdf].

Hey what do you know, it looks like Doug Ford was right. From September 22nd to October 25th or so the cases were really coming down. The vaccines and the mask rules and the lockdowns all "worked" in the sense that they did what they set out to accomplish and sure there might be some totally unforseen but easy to foresee economic and social costs but when we decided to devote everything to making one specific outcome happen, it happened. We did it!

Uh, hey FACLC, is there a reason the screenshot is so grainy? And while we're on the subject, doesn't it look like it started rising again in early November? Did Ontario start loosening restrictions or huge numbers of unvaccinated migrants moved in?

Oops, sorry about that. Yes that's right, within two months of Doug's humblebrag about vaccines and policy rules, Ontario COVID cases skyrocketed to over 19,000 cases which was almost four times higher than any other level since the Wuhan Institute of Virology accidentally deliberately on orders from Chairman Xi released the virus into the wild. And to answer the tongue-in-cheek question from above, no there wasn't a huge influx of unvaccinated people moving in from other provinces. However, and this is to be fair, there was a significant policy change that was enacted in late October which would start to show in the WuFlu stats sometime around Remembrance Day...

...that's right, it was the same vaccine passport system that our Viro Fascist buddy Abdulh was so in favour of. While the vaccine passports started in September, it was October 25th when they actually meant something: places with vaccine passport enforcement could begin to reopen. Just like Abdulh, Doug Ford believed the experts who were explaining that due to vaccines the transmission and severe incidents could be mitigated.

By December it was clear that the vaccines weren't "doing what they were meant to do", or to take an entirely charitable pro-vaccine stance the vaccinations became useless far faster than the experts with all of their "scientific knowledge" had predicted. In January on the downside of this graph, Ontario finally relented and began to follow closely behind Alberta in realizing this was all complete bullshit and wasn't accomplishing their stated goals. The social and economic costs, of course, were still there, but even the single-minded idiocy of "not becoming a superspreader and getting severely ill" wasn't working out.

Don't expect Adulh and his Viro Fascist pals to apologize, of course. They were stupid, we told them they were stupid, and then they simply wanted to forget.