But they have to deal with Gavin Newsom and Hollyweird, so it evens out

Courtesy of SmallDeadAnimals, there's a snow problem at a major American ski resort.

There's far too much of it.

A moisture conveyor belt of atmospheric rivers for nearly three weeks has pounded lower elevations of California with record amounts of rain. As for higher elevations, such as the area where Mammoth is located, feet of snow buried the region. 

"Due to continued intense snowfall, very difficult road conditions, and extensive avalanche mitigation work, Main Lodge will be closed tomorrow," Mammoth posted on Facebook earlier this week. 

You may recall that we've noted before how weird it is that Mammoth Mountain is open routinely into June/July while ski hills in the Canadian Rockies have to close months earlier. Part of it is literally that it's too cold here, as snowfall really drops off once you fall below 0F.

It's still insane. I know a girl from LA who goes skiing there regularly, as its a relatively convenient 5.5 hour drive.


If this doesn't seem wholly convenient to you, remember that in Edmonton it's a 4.5 hour drive to Marmot Basin, and from Calgary it's a 5 hour drive to Revelstoke. Later this month I'm driving to Fernie and that's about the same as from Santa Monica to Mammoth. (Let's also remember that driving times from the LA-area to not-LA can vary dramatically depending on time of day).

And hey, take another look at that embedded map. Notice where it drives through? Yes, that's right, it passes by Death Valley National Park.

Wait, that Death Valley? One of the hottest places on the planet?

Yup. On a nice Fourth of July weekend which Mammoth occasionally stays open until, you can have some fun at the ski hill in the morning and then be in 50°C weather by the afternoon in a shorter drive than to get from Edmonton to the Jasper park gates!