@frenchdipset - Nobody (except possibly murderers) dies if abortion is banned

As you probably know, last summer the United States Supreme Court overturned the objectively horrible Roe v. Wade ruling, and leftsts like Madam Theis absolutely lost their minds over it.

You can tell by the hysterical blabbering. How are "real flesh-and-blood women" going to die as a result of no court imposed prohibition on State abortion bans? This is a common talking point as long as you realize it literally makes no sense.

At absolutely zero point has anybody opposed abortion in the event that continuing the pregnancy causes a likely risk to the mother's life. Part of the reason is practical: this straight up never happens. As Seth Dillon from the Babylon Bee pointed out, even if the pregnancy does endanger a woman's life in almost all cases the fetus is old enough that the odds of surviving birth are very high.

Let's for a moment replace the actual scenario on the ground -- huge numbers of evil governments making it easier to slaughter babies for the sake of sluts being inconvenienced -- with a happy situation that isn't happening but would be grand:  total, unequivocal, 100% planet-wide abortion ban. How many deaths will really happen in such a situation? Ten? Twelve? Eighteen? Nineteen?

Seeing as how abortion is currently murdering about a million people a year between Canada and the United States, it's unclear how the number of "real flesh and blood" people who die would not only increase but even maintain at the tiniest percentage of the current dearth rate.

It's also worth noting that in such a scenario every death is deserved and I'll cheer it on. After all, in a world where baby murder is outlawed then the only deaths are of the infamous "backalley abortion" cases. And there's no reason anybody with an ounce of horse sense should fret about that.

After all, deaths during "backalley abortions" are caused when scumbag skanks attempt to murder their babies. There's no question about this: she's trying to commit murder.

If one day you wake up and outside your bedroom window you see a violent criminal pistol whip your neighbour, point a handgun at your neighbour's face, and then pulls the trigger only for the gun to backfire and instead metal shrapnel flies into the criminal's skull and kills him, do you feel bad about this? Do you think anything other than some cosmic karma has just happened? He tried to commit murder in cold blood and while attempting it instead caused his own death. Just like a woman killed in a back-alley abortion, he got what he deserved.

It's worth noting, of course, that in such a scenario the shrapnel could also kill your neighbour, and while you would mourn the neighbour's death you still have to appreciate that the killer got what was coming it him. After all, if everything had gone the murderer's way it's not like your neighbour wouldn't be dead: you clearly didn't see it in time to intervene. In this worst case scenario you can mourn the death of the innocent victim, in the same way that whether she succeeds or not (and I presume most backalley abortions kill the baby regardless of whether or not the mother survives) doesn't change anything. The baby, like it or not, was going to die already. At least she won't be murdering any of her future babies.

What this scenario certainly doesn't impress upon you is that we should set public policy to protect murderers from themselves by legalizing murder. Sure if there was some proper gun inspector around, the murderer could have killed your neighbour safely. Yet that would be a horrible idea. Much like all good public policy, when you have an objectively horrible thing (like baby murder), the twin wolf-raised sons of Punishment and Deterrence work wonders. You want to raise the cost of murdering your baby and "if you succeed we'll arrest you and if you fail you might die" meets that pretty nicely.

Death penalty for attempting abortions? Now we're talking! Real bitchy pieces of shit with deplorable hopes and wicked dreams would die as a direct result of that ruling, and I would be the first in line to enjoy a popcorn and watch a trollop hang.