@Clayburn - 0 humans have a gender

Every human has a sex, and there are two. Even extreme cases of genetic failure still produces a human of one of the two sexes: the issue with intersex is that its not immediately obvious which is which, but that's hardly new: David Bowie is a thing.

Zero humans have gender. Nouns have gender (in many languages, though notably not English), physical human beings do not.

A vase (vase) is female (because you can stick your dick in it). A fencepost (poteau de clôture) is male (because you can stick it in a chick's pussy). Men stick their dicks into things, women stick things into their pussies. There's no male fenceposts or female vases (indeed they don't even need to be made using organic material), but the nouns used to describe them in French or Italian do have genders.

It's nonsense to think that humans can even have genders, similarly nonsense to think that humans don't have an inherent sex.

Every animal on the planet has a sex and acts as a result of that sex. Humans are no different, and it's literally insane to think that we invented sex as a "social construct". When did we teach it to mosquitos or orange roughies?