Year in Review

Mom breaks down the 2022 "historic firsts", all about which deviant sexual lifestyle choices particular nonwhites pick in order to leap on the bandwagon.

July 6: “San Jose Hires a Retired Player as the N.H.L.’s First Black General Manager.”

And no one knows ice hockey like San Jose!

July 8: “Black Woman Named President of Raiders In a First for the N.F.L.”

Well, “black” under the one-drop rule, in view of her Korean mother.

July 8: “[Brittney Griner] … the first openly gay athlete signed to an endorsement contract by Nike.”

Also the first openly gay athlete to take precedence over a former U.S. Marine in a prisoner exchange with Russia!

July 27: [New York Times Bonus Content!]: “[Kamala Harris] was a historic choice, becoming the first woman, the first African American and the first South Asian American to serve as vice president.”

And she did it by being the only person in the country who met Biden’s three exacting requirements: 1) Must be black; 2) must be a woman and 3) That’s about it.