#JusticeForDaunteWright probably happened the moment the bullet hit him

When the centuries behind me like a fruitful land reposed;
When I clung to all the present for the promise that it closed:

When I dipt into the future far as human eye could see;
Saw the Vision of the world and all the wonder that would be.—

In the Spring a fuller crimson comes upon the robin's breast;
In the Spring the wanton lapwing gets himself another crest;

In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.
Locksley Hall, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Contrast that with spring in 2020s America, when a young negro's fancies turn to thoughts of committing crimes and resisting arrest to the extent that police officers are forced to use deadly force. (On the bright side, less cousin lust).

How else to explain that yet again in the spring of 2021, much like the spring of 2020, there are riots in Minnesota (Minnesota!) inspired by a #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker mob upset that police impose a "death sentence" for what traditionally wasn't included in the list of capital crimes.
The death sparked protests in Brooklyn Center into the early hours of Monday morning, and stores were broken into, as Minneapolis was already on edge and midway through the trial of the first of four police officers in George Floyd’s death. Brooklyn Center is a city of about 30,000 people located on the northwest border of Minneapolis.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz tweeted he was praying for Wright's family “as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.”

Police didn't immediately identify Wright or disclose his race, but some protesters who gathered near the scene waved flags and signs reading “Black Lives Matter.” Others walked peacefully with their hands held up. On one street, written in multi-colored chalk: “Justice for Daunte Wright.”

Demonstrators gathered shortly after the shooting and crash, with some jumping on top of police cars and confronting officers. Marchers also descended upon the Brooklyn Center police department building, where rocks and other objects were thrown at officers, Minnesota Department of Public Safety commissioner John Harrington said at a news conference. The protesters had largely dispersed by 1:15 a.m. Monday, he said.

Harrington added that about 20 businesses had been broken into at the city’s Shingle Creek shopping center. He said law enforcement agencies were coordinating to tame the unrest, and the National Guard was activated.
The Shingle Creek Shopping Centre includes such stores as Walmart, TJ Maxx, Foot Locker, To New York, Keeyla's, rue21, Five Below, and Brooklyn Center Liquor.

It's early in the story, so we don't know a lot of the details. As is typical for this sort of thing, the lies told by the far-left mob planning the riots and the media who enable them are the only pieces of information generally making it out into the ecosphere. Much like George Floyd circa June 3rd 2020 or the Allan Adam incident linked to above, we'll inevitably start learning more nuances of the case (provided we're willing to dig into them) as time goes on.

What we know for now is that Daunte Wright is only half-black (unlike George "Gorilla" Floyd), that police ended up shooting him (unlike George "Too High on Fentanyl to Make an Escape Attempt" Floyd), and that he had warrants out for his arrest (unlike George "Caught in the Act Committing More Crimes" Floyd). It might transpire that the cops loudly told him "we're going to murder you nigger because we don't like your race" before opening fire. Might. Somehow though, I don't think that's going to be how it turns out in the end.
Brooklyn Center police said in a statement that officers had stopped a motorist shortly before 2 p.m. Sunday. After determining the driver had an outstanding warrant, police tried to arrest the driver. The driver reentered the vehicle and an officer fired at the vehicle, striking the driver, police said. The vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle.

Police said the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office will release the person’s name following a preliminary autopsy and family notification. A female passenger sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the crash.

Katie Wright, Daunte’s mother, huddled with loved ones near the scene and pleaded for her son's body to be removed from the street, the Star Tribune reported. She said her son had called her when he was getting pulled over, and she heard scuffling before the call ended. When she called back, she said his girlfriend told her that her son had been shot.

Carolyn Hanson lives near the crash scene and told the newspaper that she saw officers pull the man out of the car and perform CPR. Hanson said a passenger who got out was covered in blood.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott announced a curfew in the city until 6 a.m. Monday. In a tweet he said, “We want to make sure everyone is safe. Please be safe and please go home.”

Police said Brooklyn Center officers wear body-worn cameras and they also believe dash cameras were activated during the incident. The department said it has asked the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigate.
The body cameras and dashboard cameras will (probably) be able to give us more information. Based on all the previous examples of niggers dying after confronting the police (including some recent non-fatal examples) it's almost certainly going to transpire that Daunte Wright bears most if not all the responsibility for his death. The first thing to note of course is that he has warrants (and of course he has warrants...do you have warrants? do you know a lot of 20 year olds with multiple warrants?) and that the police indicate he was trying to escape their custody: we know he was trying to escape after being shot, though in fairness that might be a standard reaction, especially when you've been fed the lie from your white mother (?!) that you're targeted for your race (rather than, you know, all those crimes you like to commit that may or may not be a part of your tribal culture). Still, it must be a spring thing: we all like to joke that niggers are like apes, but apes don't hibernate...maybe they're more like bears and now that buds are on the trees and new Nike branded air-buds are ready to be looted at the Foot Locker it's time to come out and resume feeding.

How did Tennyson put it?
As the husband is, the wife is: thou art mated with a clown,
And the grossness of his nature will have weight to drag thee down.

He will hold thee, when his passion shall have spent its novel force,
Something better than his dog, a little dearer than his horse.

What is this? his eyes are heavy; think not they are glazed with wine.
Sounds about right.