Do any criminals have mothers who are willing to admit it?

The niggers who raped and murdered a 24-year-old woman aren't monsters according to...of course...their families.

A Florida spring breaker accused of drugging and raping a 24-year-old woman who later was found dead in a Miami Beach hotel room is “not some monster,” his friends and family claim.

Evoire Collier, 21, remained in jail Wednesday along with pal Dorian Taylor, 24, for allegedly drugging Christine Englehardt with a “green pill” before raping her and stealing her credit cards, the Miami Herald reported.

“It’s devastating. My thought was praying for her family because I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” his aunt, Tanda Collier, told the newspaper.

But still, she insisted that Evoire was “a good kid.”

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” she told the paper.

Adrienne Long, who had taken Evoire in after his mother died when he was in high school, said she and his family believed that Taylor was a bad influence on him.

This is a longstanding joke, of course: a decade ago in the controversy over the death of Niko Arlia I noted the giant disparity between what his family said and what the facts on the ground said.