@Retta322 - Even Liam doesn't believe Liam

This is why whites make more money than you do. Employees who believe ridiculous nonsense don't provide their employers with a lot of value.

For readers who might try reading the twitter thread, you'll find a lot of empty tweets by deleted accounts: they belonged to a leftist named Liam O'Mara who responded to a Candace Owens tweet by sending her a photo of a KKK hood. Not a wholly original gag, but I've seen worse. Of course, O'Mara is from the "uniform military haircuts are racist" party so he didn't have much of a leg to stand on. Owens is totally bonkers to try a criminal charge against him, but again the left doesn't have much argument to make against it: they want the police to act like the 'Met in London and knock on the door of people who make Facebook posts that other people don't like.