I'm scoring myself 4.5/9

How many of the "9 Things You Didn't Know" from Victoria Taft's PJ Media article about the Derek Chauvin trial did you already know?

  1. Chauvin Didn’t Have His Knee on Floyd’s Neck. I didn't know about this one, but I had definitely questioned it earlier
  2. The Cops Didn’t Use as Much Force as They Could Have. I absolutely knew this one. They didn't shoot the gorilla, after all.
  3. We Still Don’t Know How George Floyd Died. I had thought the coroner's report was relatively conclusive, so much that the family had to bribe another coroner to redo the results (without, crucially, examining the toxscreen). More importantly, George Floyd had COVID19 and Fauci and company have been pretty insistent that anybody who had COVID19 upon their death was killed by Donald Trump's opinion on disposable paper masks.
  4. Drugs Were Found in SUV and Cop Car. Again I knew about the SUV. That he was alive enough to puke pills out after being in the squad car was news.
  5. Floyd Was Using Drugs Again. Knew that, it's been covered for months. Again, see the toxscreen.
  6. George Floyd Was With His Drug Dealer When Cops Came. That's news. The same article indicates prosecutors claim his infamous "I ate too many drugs" line was actually "I ain't doing no drugs" which not only is hilariously bad ebonics even by nigger standards, but is conclusively a lie (yet again, see the toxscreen).
  7. Floyd’s Drug Dealer Took the 5th. New.
  8. Derek Chauvin Weighed 140 Pounds, Floyd 223. The exact numbers were unknown but we've seen pictures. Hell I've made fun of them enough I couldn't claim to be unaware!
  9. The Hostile Crowd Could Have Contributed to Floyd’s Death. Sort of knew this: police were under pressure to avoid act what needed to be done to put an intoxicated ape into a car.
Bonus coverage of media bias: