@GeoffreyMBCrowe - the mayor of Ottawa is still an evil poofer

Sorry, but "standing up for" (ie. excusing away) the illegitimate lifestyle choice that Jim Watson made doesn't impress me. If you want to have a child molester's back that's your prerogative, but when people stand up and speak truth to ass piracy that's an act that should be commended, not discouraged.

Watson can and should be cured of his illness

Meanwhile those of us not even remotely "scared" of uranists will not be silenced, not be bullied, not be cowed. At 26-0, why would I stop the fight? Clearly the "insecure" are the ones who make major news stories out of graffiti, and pass laws that try (and fail!) to stop us from educating them about how the cure for their predilections.