@bethmitch9 should get the government she wants at the cost she doesn't

Memo to Doug Ford: make sure that Viro Fascists like Beth Mitchell pay for the policies they want.

I'm not thinking anything too extreme, Doug. Just, as a spitball, raise her personal tax rate to 100%. That's right, every single penny earned goes directly to the Ontario Government (feds are just out of luck with this one case...sorry). Won't her landlord kick her out after failing to pay rent? Yup. Starvation since the food budget is now entirely redirected to Queen's Park? Uh-huh. Tattered rags that get more and more threadbare every day until the bitter end. Absolutely.

After all, anybody who demands more government control over people just because their inner Mussolini is angry to find out that people casually ignore ridiculous mask rules should be the ones on the hook for it, not the innocent Ontario taxpayer who has the unmitigated gall to sit at a table and read a menu.