Theory: the KKK lynchings were all just gang violence falsely blamed on whites

Another day, another "hateful incident" turns out to be committed by a nigger looking for a splash in the media.

A small college in Michigan last weekend reported a race crime but after further review, it was just another hoax:
How many in a row is this now? We literally just covered another one of these stories two weeks ago!
In the same way that 24/7 video and DNA and other forensic tools make crime investigations much more effective than they were in the past, can we extrapolate back to the original founding of the KKK? Are we 100% sure that all these grand wizards and such actually burned any crosses or hung any niggers? Or was this the Reconstruction-era equivalent of derka derkas claiming responsibility for mass shootings they had nothing to do with, where one gang of niggers decided to terrorize or kill another group of niggers while wearing white sheets, and since it would suit their purposes for whites to be responsible both groups just went along with the fiction?