Old movie trailers

As you may famously recall, millennials don't watch a lot of old movies.

However if you really want to examine how much things have changed, watch the trailers to old movies. For example, here's the one for Topkapi, the 1964 caper film taking place in Istanbul's historic Ottoman palace.

The movie itself, if you were wondering, is decent but hardly a barn-burner: the scene where they practice on the triggered floor is probably the highlight. But lots of great views of 1963 Constantinople!

Did you ever have to read that novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers? You know, the one whom you instantly knew from looking at her photo that she's a dyke even if it took her almost 30 years to notice it herself? [though judging from the experts in mental illness caused by incorrect orientations, the signs were there... -ed] Anyways, in 1968 they made it into a movie starring Alan Arkin (and an actress who ended up marrying a fag), and they released this thrilling trailer...for the book, apparently: that this is a film was almost an afterthought in its own advertising.

There certainly was an evolution in the form, of course: the 1971 Jane Fonda horror film Klute starts off fairly similar to the trailer for Scream a quarter century later.
Well, at least until halfway through when it suddenly loses it's momentum.

Meanwhile the trailer for The Party name drops it's title roughly 25 times, when a modern ear thinks it should be saving up for a single epic reveal right near the end.

And of course, modern remakes give you a chance to compare how things have changed for the better and worse.

And finally, the example of the change so many people have noted: