Chicks can't drive

An insurance company has proposed women-only traffic lanes.

I'm not sure how practical they would work, but I know how to get them started: using a sign like this, one lane is told to turn left and another is told to either turn left or go straight.

The challenge to women drivers: which lane in the new roadway is each vehicle required to start in?

You scoff but it's harder than you think. Women always -- always -- have trouble with this. And let's not even get started on the tough ones:

I have literally never driven with a woman who got this right: luckily I've never been turning left onto 127th street with one on a weekday morning: for those outside of Edmonton who don't know, 127th has lane controls: during weekday mornings there are only 2 northbound lanes while the rest of the time there are 3.

Women can't understand the lane restrictions already in place and we think they'll understand special pink lanes for them??