Won't the Real Niko Arlia Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?

As my post on a possible photo of Niko Arlia's alleged killer continues to gain attention, the topic comes to one of my favourites: who was the victim, really? His friends and family always had nothing but good to say about him.

Of course, so did the family of murder victim Daniel Nickel. They left out the part about him facing sex charges. Now innocent people have faced trumped up sexual assault charges before (even recently in Northern Alberta), just as innocent people have been killed. But add the two together, and the coincidences just keep mounting.

Two weeks before he died, Niko was kicked out of a party and that night mentioned on his Facebook how he wanted to assault the bouncer. Just angry words, perhaps. But then we learn that some of the other knife assault victims were in trouble for violent behaviour and death threats sometime in early December.

And now this...

Why, a few months ago, when there was a fight that involved a certain student, his father and weapons against Niko, wasn't more done?

Why did so many students get suspended for three days for watching, but that student got to return to school? He wasn't expelled.
Wait, Niko was involved in a weapons-related incident a few months ago as well? Do we know why? Again, innocent people are occasionally attacked by psychos angry about irrelevent bits of minutia. But twice?

It looks like there's a couple of warring cliques at St. Joseph's High School. If they haven't already descended into gangs, they likely will.