Corner Gas Countdown, #4

#4: Blog River
When this episode first came on TV, I had no choice but to blog about it. How could I not include this one? Hank starts a blog, but unfortunately nobody reads it. Nobody listens to him either, and when they realize pretending to read his blog means not listening to him speak it becomes incredibly popular. Brent learns a valuable lesson about lying to a friend (do a good job of it), and Lacey learns who is the best at horseshoes (Oscar, so she shouldn't expect anything to come from her life). Even if just for the Hank musin' this would be an excellent episode. But there's more to it: Lacey's in the doldrums because of her friends' success. Winning at horseshoes was just what it took to give her a reason to be happy, and only Oscar could beat her. The bad mood affects even soup, and so champion horseshoe-thrower Leroy has to throw horseshoes (which is part of the game) so poorly that he throws horseshoes (which isn't part of the game). Davis loses money when Wanda' math ignorance intersects with his taxes (Taxes ∩ Ignorance), and he has to recover it by taking somebody to bet on the fixed game. Lacey hits Hank with a rock... the fun here never ends.

I'm getting a sandwich.

Honourable Mention: Demolition
What red blooded Canadian wouldn't want to tear down a barn? Hell, even left-wing gasbag immigrants cum CBC affirmative action recipients cum Governor General affirmative action recipients love to tear down barns. Hank decides to kill a cow demolish a barn, and needs Brent's help to do it... or at the very least
Brent's help to avoid an international disaster. Oscar tags along for reasons yet to be delved into, though his insistance on bringing a lot of gloves ties into the Lacey/Emma "girls night" plot. Wanda takes up photography, and after 60,000 photos of grain elevators gets old, she moves onto helping Davis beat Oscar for "Newsmaker of the Year" (Barley Thieves Barely qualify, Karen thinks). Unfortunately Karen is more photogenic than Davis (duh), so the struggle for supremacy has an added kick. A fair number of good jokes, and the delight of being reminded why Hank continues to afford food: the man knows engines/clutches/a dynamite guy. In the end, the barn is destroyed. No word on the fate of the cow.

#104: American Resolution

Whoo boy, now we're starting to get to one of Corner Gas's biggest flaws: sometimes the show tries to scream "We're Canadian" in such a way that Alberta Sovereigntists get edgy over. This is one of them. Oscar decides to show how Canadian he is, and its painfully over the top. The episode ends with Emma insisting Brent sign the Canadian National Anthem at a sporting event, and it... is not at all enjoyable. It's also predictable, as is Lacey's "plot" to win a competition over who's New Year's Resolution could hold out the longest. It was predictable, but Brent's chili cheese dog resolution was at least funny. Davis and Karen feuding over coffee is similarly lame, and doesn't really go anywhere.


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