Brian Mason, meet my knuckles

Brian Mason, April 8th 2009:

There is no excuse for an incomplete budget. When [Premier Stelmach] realized that the budget wasn't finished, why didn't [he] and [his] finance minister down a couple of Red Bulls, pull an all-nighter and get 'er done?"
Brian Mason, April 14th 2009 :
They can cry poverty now and say we have to do it for financial reasons, but in fact they have been wanting to do it for a long time, and they have made numerous attempts.

Got that straight? Get the budget balanced, but don't, you know... cut things.

Mason wasn't done showing himself to be a pompus ass, incidentally:
To think that behind closed doors some of the knuckle-draggers in that Tory caucus will be deciding who can get what medical services scares the hell out of me, and it should certainly scare the hell out of the people in this province

First off Mr. Mason, anytime you feel the need to get closely acquainted with the knuckles of some good real Albertans, feel free to give us a ring here at Third Edge of the Sword world headquarters in Pamplona, Spain. Secondly, are you the stupidest man in Alberta, or can you dredge up somebody worse? If you're really scared that people in government can "decide who can get what medical services" then why on earth are you so opposed to the notion of creating a system by which the government has no say in which medical services you get and how you get them? After all, Mason-the-Moron speaks out in favour of government-run healthcare at every opportunity, and then is shocked -- shocked -- that at the end of the day the government decides to...you know, run it?

I am perhaps unfairly singling out Mason here: the province is full of these "Friends of Medicare" idiots who in one breadth cry out how evil and horrible and dangerous the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta is, and then in the next insist that they collect and spend more money (ie. obtain more power and control).

(In other news, hey Mercedes Allen, I "know who transsexuals are": self hating faggots. You wouldn't believe the three Ugly Bettys who "graced" the Edmonton SUN today. If these sodomitic freaks of human nature want to stand up and be the "spokesthings" for taxpayer money going to narcaccistic body mods, I invite them to tour around Cardston for a bit. It will help your cause immensely! Bonus ugly freak of nature photos here and here)