Promise to appear run like the wind

I asked last week why the goddamned thief in the Brian Knight case hasn't been named yet.

Well now he finally has. You won't believe the twist that comes next:

"Investigators have delayed the release of some of the details relating to identity and actual charges in hope that all parties and charges could be dealt with," Bashaw RCMP said in announcing the charges on Tuesday.

RCMP had been looking for Nick Dewald, 22, from the community of Alix, but police said he's contacted them to say he is working out of province and intends to return to the area at the end of this summer to deal with the warrant for his arrest.
"Intends to return"? Is that like his (apparently not honoured) "promise to appear"? Once his ass didn't appear, why didn't they put out a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest and put him in jail?

At the very least, we also get the names of the other two assholes:
Harold Groening, 31, of Mirror, has been charged with theft under $5,000, theft of a motor vehicle, and possession of stolen property. Dewald and Alix resident Kyle Rosenthal, 23, have both been charged with theft under $5,000.
So there you go folks. So far, all I can dig up on the exact names as listed is a Nick Dewald as the grandson of a deceased Victoria man.

As for details, anybody from the area who can supply info is welcome to do so in the comments section. Maybe some teary-eyed ex-girlfriends? That's popular on Third Edge of the Sword these days.

Update, 7:07pm: A writer on Mens Outdoors Forum reported Dewald's name two weeks ago.