Corner Gas Countdown

Monday, April 13th marks the final episode of CTV's Corner Gas. After six seasons, the show is due to go off the air. To celebrate, starting tomorrow and continuing until the April 13th airdate, Third Edge of the Sword will count down the ten best episdoes (and the ten worst) day-by-day, ending on Monday April 13th.

Also in a slight change from usual procedure, the day-by-day Corner Gas countdown entries will not allow reader comments. Instead they shall all be directed to this page for comments.

The Countdown:
#10: Safety First HM: Littlest Yarbo #98: The Eight Samurai
#9: All My Ex's Live in Toronto HM: Physical Credit #99: I Love Lacey
#8 The Brent Effect HM: Census Sensibility #100: Cable Excess
#7: Two Degrees of Separation HM: Good Tubbin #101: Dog River Daze
#6: Final Countdown HM: Knit Wit of the Month #102: Coming Distractions
#5: Telescope Trouble HM: Mail Fraud #103: One Piano, Four Hands
#4: Blog River HM: Demolition #104: American Resolution
#3: Happy Campers HM: Mosquito Time #105: An American in Saskatchewan
#2: Tax Man HM: Block Party #106: Bean There
#1: Hero Sandwich HM: Merry Gasmas #107: Comedy Night
Corner Gas Countdown Wrapup (including trivia answers)

In other words, share your own thoughts on the last six seasons of Corner Gas below (including critiques on my choices, if you insist).

To get things rolling, here's some trivia for you: seven episodes of Corner Gas have mentioned Alberta (or communities in them). Name the episodes.