Wasteful fossil fuel consumption to save the planet

Well, David Suzuki has a new pair of disciples, and like him they are using their hearts more than their heads in service to the great Gaia.

Two Canadians, Garry Sowerby and Lisa Calvi are driving a Honda Insight Hybrid vehicle, starting out from Victoria and checking in at Mile Zero, Newfoundland later next month. So far, they've clocked in at sights around BC and spent this morning at Edmonton's Waste Management Centre of Excellence.

All across Canada, eh? Well, lets be really generous here:
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Here is roughly the route they plan to take. 7,669 km, assuming the 3.9L/100km fuel efficiency Wikipedia reports, should take 299L of fuel. It's not bad, but that's 300L of fuel that wouldn't be burned if they stayed at home. Meanwhile we're not taking into account travel around the cities they visit, the two ferry rides they need to take, and of course the fact that you never get remotely close to published fuel efficiency ratings.

I am going to drive a 1985 GMC Sierra from Edmonton to Estevan, SK and back to promote the environment. Does this sound intelligent at all to anybody? It uses the same amount of fuel (again discounting the in-city drives and the ferries) as these two dumb hippies. Any sponsors?