First the operational hours, then the tracks?

The City of Edmonton is considering something I suggested to them almost a decade ago: running an LRT line from Mill Woods to Whyte Avenue (though then to downtown: I suggested running through University en route to WEM).

Of course, then as of now, the question is where the money will come from, and if they will be smart and run the Whyte Ave line underground. Traffic there is already a problem. Maybe put a big LRT station at that old Esso station at 105th street?

Another issue with transit on Whyte Ave is that currently, the busses stop running around 1am. The bar crowd all gets out at 2am, and has a pizza and a piss and then wants to leave at 3am. Weekend late-night bus service has never been tried (just talked about), and the city might find that a lot of the social ills on the strip can be easily solved with late night busses: and then discover late night trains are even better...or unnecessary... who knows? Not ETS!