Lily Tran on the brain

Third Edge of the Sword Exclusive!

Last night I mentioned that our old pal Stephen Anthony Pillon is back in the news... his accomplise/codefendent in the Kenyon Gardiner killing died in gang related troubles in Red Deer yesterday. Brandon Prevey is now dead.

Now sit back for Third Edge of the Sword exclusive.

I recently installed SiteTracker on this blog to start tracking my traffic. Its why I put up a women's tennis post last week: the vast majority of my blog traffic is tennis related (Kim Clijsters of all people).

Well starting three nights ago I started noticing a sudden jump in Lily Tran related google searches coming to my site. Tragically, I don't use the Premium service, so I am unable to provide details about the weekend jump in Lily Tran searches (it only tracks the previous 100 visitors, and I get thousands of pageviews in a week).

Somebody though suddenly took a great interest in the affairs of Lily Tran (and by extension Steven Anthony Pillon) on Thursday or Friday. SiteMeter might still know who, but so far I don't.

Yesterday I contacted Last Link on the Left, which has pages on a variety of murders including Lily Tran's and Kenyon Gardiner, to see if they had noticed a similar spike in traffic. If so, the IPs in question may have some connection to the events of late Saturday/early Sunday in Red Deer.

(If you think this is far-fetched, then read this article. This could all be a coincidence. It could not. I just wish now I'd plopped down $40 a year for the expanded tracking...)

Update, 5:35pm: Last Link on the Left is unable to do that sort of tracking either, so I guess this will have to count as one of those incredibly odd mysteries. Further reflection today says that Friday was the magic day things started picking up, and I'm sorry to report I am still no closer to "why". Without being able to go back and see those exact Google searches and IP addresses, I've got nothing to go on.