Old fears

This news story was from a bit back, but it really shows how we've reached a "panic plateau" that I think we need to come down from, but fast:

A man is in custody, and a southeast Edmonton school is no longer under lockdown.

City police say they arrested a suspect Tuesday, after receiving a complaint of an individual possibly with a knife in the area near Crawford Plains School, at 4210 12th Avenue NW.

Police are still investigating.
OMG, an individual with a knife! Somebody in the vague vicinity of a school just happens to even possess a knife and they lock the school down? This is getting ridiculous.

(Bear in mind, in high school I used to carry knives. Its why one time our English teacher nabbed a misbehaving Grade 7 and stuck him next to me and a friend in the back of our English 20 class. Sitting next to me opening and closing the sheath on my belt really scared him into sitting quietly)