Canadian Western Bank presents...er, hold on here!

From my email inbox:



Well, I’ve decided to take the plunge! I am going to do something proactive and hands-on to help youth at risk in our community. I have decided to participate in Homeless for a Night, presented by Canadian Western Bank. What this means is that I will first collect pledges and then become “homeless” for a night at Telus Field, in order to raise money for the Youth Emergency Shelter Society. Can you believe it? Me, homeless for a night!

But I need your help! Before I can face the challenge of being “homeless”, I first have to face the challenge of collecting pledges. I’ve set a high goal of $250, but I know I can do it. The Youth Emergency Shelter Society is a great cause – they really make a difference in the lives of youth at risk in our community. YESS has five different programs to serve youth aged 15-19 who are in crisis. The three residential programs, the Shelter program, SkY, and START provide a safe place support for youths with no viable alternatives. The fourth program is Community Enhancement, which comprises Outreach, Community Liaison Workers, the STAR program, and the Skills program. And everyone’s very excited about the fifth and newest program, the Armoury Youth Centre, which will provide a positive and safe environment for youths during the day. All of YESS’ programs are stepping stones on a path to self-sufficient and more positive futures for youth who may not have a chance otherwise. Over 70% of the kids YESS serves have been physically, mentally, or sexually abused, and none of them have a safe place to go without YESS. Your contribution is valuable and helps me to help give these kids a chance. .



Leaving aside the wonderment that I know somebody who would send me an email discussing doing "something proactive and hands-on to help youth at risk in our community", is it maybe a bit of bad form and/or timing for a promotion in which a bank makes people homeless during a massive recession?