Only in Alberta you say? What a pity

A few days ago I made a brief mention of Brian Knight, the Tees farmer who dared to protect his property and was arrested for it.

Colby Cosh fired off an unspeakably amazing article on the subject for the National Post.

One thing, however, bothered me. The whole pretext of the column seemed alien to me. People weren't really saying "Only in Alberta" were they? I guess I shouldn't have been surprised... turns out you just have to read the comments on this CBC.ca story:

Only in Alberta!! REDNECKS this is not the USA
There is absolutely no defense for his actions, he was not in any imminent danger. While I too would have been angry with someone stealing from me, it is only property and does not justify me taking the person life. Can you say REDNECK
Calm down folks. It's Texas North.
If a thief gets shot in someones house or in the yard too bad. But we just cannot have people running around the country shooting at others. Keep your gun and bullets in the yard, or on a legal hunting trip. You cry and scream about the gun Registry but it is things like this that make it necessary. We want to get rid of the Registry, we need guys like this farmer out of the way.
Put his Red Neck Ass in jail where it belongs.
This should be a lesson for all those hillbilly rednecks who think they can take the law into their ow hands! You've given hard working, law abiding Albertans' a bad name for long enough. If this guy was shooting to kill, then he should should be found guilty of attempted murder. Period.
a hobbs
Only in Alberta...

He should be charged for attempted murder.

And more from this story on the subject:
Stupid Albertan redneck justice. I swear they have the social awareness of 3-year olds. I hope the farmer gets the book thrown at him. Property crimes do not justify aggravated assault no matter what the evil Conservatives tell you. Alberta is an embarrassment to Canada.
Yee ha.." ALabamaBERTA "
Ah, the right wing guns nuts are out in force this morning. All this noise from the supporters of the "Law and Order" party. It looks like their idea of "law and order" is vigilantism. Typical right wing hypocrits. Just remember people, "Guns don't kill, red neck farmers with guns kill".
True North
I had a friend of mind who liked to refer to Albertans as having "Ten Gallon Hats and Five Gallon Brains." case in point I guess...
I totally agree with caringcitizen's comment!

In Canada that includes Alberta for the time being. It is illegal to "hunt" people.

It would be different if someone broke into the farmers house and was threatening him or his family with violence.

This was not at all the case!
A significant point that many of us are missing here is the fact that once the farmer left his property and started a high-speed chase as well as discharging a fire arm at another human being. He was breaking the law!

If this guy gets to walk and isn't charged, as he should be. It will send a dangerous message. "It's okay to ensue a high speed chase and fire a guns at people...because your angry."

What if the farmer is a bad shot and kills or injures an innocent person? Or what if grandma happens to be leaving her driveway right when the farmer comes speeding out of control around the corner. How shall I explain to my kids that their grandma is dead? I guess I would tell them she's dead because the farmer up the road really wanted to get the guys who stole his truck... Trucks ARE more important then public safety and life human. Well maybe in Alberta...

We cannot reward vengeance and vigilant behavior! The farmer needs to learn that lesson!
Brian Russell Knight should get on his horse and ride much further South where gun totting lunacy is accepted. Imagine being willing to commit murder over stuff...what a pathetic human you are Mr. Knight.
Many Albertans think they are Texans anyway...

On the bright side, this eye-watering post from "my10cents":
Alberta Redneck, Hillbilly, etc seems some people do not understand Canadian farmers.

If you walk in the front driveway, knock on the door, explain your case of breakdown, stuck in the ditch or lost and you will be greeted by the farmer with a an offer of a coffee, place to warm up and the assistance required to get you on your way again, no matter what time of day or night it is. That’s what these farmers do everyday, they help others in need.

If you choose to sneak in the back entrance to the farm yard, fill your truck from the bulk tank, load up the portable generator from the shop, push the $10,000 quad down the driveway, and then get noticed by the farmer, you will be greeted by a very different person that is going to protect and retrieve his belongings and yes you might get the beating you deserve.

Yes he will call his neighbors for help as that is what farmers do, and they will be there in 5 minutes day or night no matter what the issue is.

The farmer is not going to flick the porch light 3 times to let you know you have been spotted and you now have 1 – 24 hrs before the police might arrive so take what you want, he going to come and get you himself……be scared…...he is not going to shoot to kill but he will be sending a strong message that you might want to change careers.

Yes a quad is not worth a human life……what was the thief thinking.

Mr. Knight the donation is in the mail, and good luck to you.

Update, April 5 2009 2:13am: Welcome Men Outdoors readers: I should probably also mention that there's now a website set up to facilitate mail/paypal payments to Brian's legal fund. If you live in Alberta, you can also donate by direct deposit at an ATB branch, with the account information as shown. There's a petition there as well, but if you live outside of Alberta it won't carry much weight; the decision on charges is ultimately made by the Attorney General of the Province of Alberta.

Also for background see fellow farmer and break-in victim Premier Stelmach's reaction to the story. Lorne Gunter of the Edmonton Journal got the first editorial copy on this incident out and it brings up ancient legal principles that most of the MTV generation (and/or NDP voters) have never heard of. Definately worth a read.