Missing tweets. Again. Huge numbers of tweets disappear

Below is all of the tweets I have sent since roughly April 4th. Since they disappear off Twitter at an alarming rate, I thought I'd save them here. I'm quite fond of a few of them.

# @abspectator Please, everybody, stop posting tweets every time you are disappointed in #Obama. I think its causing 85% of the fail whalesless than a minute ago from web in reply to abspectator

# @ScottFralick That's easy: those of us who arent slaves to trends don't have piercings or tattoos, and those with them are conformists8 minutes ago from web in reply to ScottFralick

# Speed trap at the top of groat. Better luck next time, SLUGHEADS. #yegabout 1 hour ago from txt

# Mental note to self: when getting cash back at wal mart, remember to take the cash.about 2 hours ago from txt

# Its a shame you can't buy PS/2 mice anymore. USB adds another layer of driver to go wrong.about 3 hours ago from txt

# India: Please use chemical weapons on the protesters at the #ablegabout 3 hours ago from txt

# Finding insects on your windowsill is a bad sign of spring. Bad sign! #yegabout 3 hours ago from txt

# Time to head out on the road and beat the #yeg speedtraps. Oh glorious receptor of electromagnetic radiation...about 4 hours ago from web

# Staycation, greasy commerce wheel, and bum of the mind: #CornerGas countdown #5 is all about entering lexicons http://tinyurl.com/d92p4sabout 22 hours ago from web

# Finding insects on your windowsill is a bad sign of spring. Bad sign! #yegabout 23 hours ago from txt

# Paula Simons brings up the "neo con" boogeyman in her column today. I know she can spell the word, but if only she had a clue what it means11:18 AM Apr 9th from txt

# Edmonton Police can assault you in your home and get away with it. http://tinyurl.com/ccms2t Good news for Brian Knight, right? #yeg7:58 AM Apr 9th from txt

# How many chili cheese dogs do U have to eat to be The Ruby's "Customer of the Month"? #CornerGas countdown #6: http://tinyurl.com/d92p4s10:32 PM Apr 8th from web

# Remember how @levarburton looked as an old man in the TNG series finale? His identical twin is at Timmys8:59 PM Apr 8th from txt

# My #yeg puppy mill plan is working perfectly: raise puppies in bad conditions, then have them seized so high-profile adoptions up the demand7:53 PM Apr 8th from web

# The fake @craigmactavish profile would be more funny if his tweets didn't have a sad connection with reality #oilers #fmnf #MacTavigeddon6:26 PM Apr 8th from web

# @pmharper Have a good time in Edmonton on Thursday Mr. Prime Minister. Sorry us working stiffs can't make it. #yeg6:22 PM Apr 8th from web in reply to pmharper

# @DougKyle Sorry, was being facetious: The greasy commerce wheel has already ordered more, just thought the coincidence was weird6:16 PM Apr 8th from web in reply to DougKyle

# @dougkyle Hell I'll take 'em for work. Idiot coworker decided to clean up storage cubicle w/o authorization: threw all the new ones out5:46 PM Apr 8th from web in reply to DougKyle

# Memo to Amarjeet Sohi: I am gonna start driving 90km/hr in your neighbourhood starting tonight you do gooder piece of filth. #yeg #morons3:06 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# Why would sodomites be more likely to need sex changes to such an extent they would angrily protest? Abnormal freaks stick together?12:28 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# Reports are that the US ship has freed itself from Somali pirates. If they had done that from the start the problem would have solved itself11:48 AM Apr 8th from txt

# Job 4 the Twitterverse:a blogger or neighbour knows the name of this 12yr old quebec girl who sued her dad. I think her anonymity is forfeit10:11 AM Apr 8th from txt

# Edmonton Eskimos home opener is only 85 days away! #Oilers6:45 AM Apr 8th from web

# How immediate are these immediate increases on liquor taxes? How soon should I restock my cabinet? #ableg5:49 PM Apr 7th from web

# The #CornerGas countdown found a better episode than one with Gabrielle Miller and Tara Spencer-Nairn in bikinis! http://tinyurl.com/c5ktta5:25 PM Apr 7th from web

# City of Edmonton makes an asian couple the publc face of bad driving. http://tinyurl.com/cdlm8t5:05 PM Apr 7th from web

# @chigaze Finally. Now we just need it to get into double digits daily and never below zero at night and #yeg can officially begin spring5:10 PM Apr 6th from web in reply to chigaze

# @The_Steaks At least the moon is safe for a few more months! http://tinyurl.com/cls7wd #WeAreAllGonnaDie4:36 PM Apr 5th from web in reply to The_Steaks

# Kafe et Baileys sur la terrasse, le Spice Girls movie de observation à la télévision. Un après-midi ensoleillé parfait dans #yeg3:52 PM Apr 5th from web

# Yesterday's high was +5.5, today in #yeg its already +4 but Weather Network says high only expected to reach 6? C'mon global warming, hurry!11:48 AM Apr 5th from web

# @jasoninthehouse Funny... ID'ing the 3rd party who buys your plane ticket is one of those security Q's asked at airports isn't it?2:41 AM Apr 5th from web in reply to jasoninthehouse

# @Defend_Freedom Doesn't US gov't spend a lot of money on advisors, joint chiefs, and admirals/generals? How can State not have a NK plan?2:39 AM Apr 5th from web in reply to Defend_Freedom

# @veganboy I'm sure Obama can come up w/ something, but what if N. Korea doesn't want any DVDs or wacky red buttons?2:36 AM Apr 5th from web in reply to veganboy

# @Radioblogger Maybe its like what Billy Crystal was told in Analyze This? "You're an employee of Mr. Vitti, so you're on call 24 hrs a day"12:14 AM Apr 5th from web in reply to Radioblogger

# @RadioAdnan He'll blame Bush, of course. Um... "if he were President right now this never would have happened". Ergo, his fault it did.9:58 PM Apr 4th from web in reply to RadioAdnan

# The balloon (er, satellite?) is going up! @iNews880 "Breaking:Japanese government says North Korea has launched a rocket." #WeAreAllGonnaDie9:00 PM Apr 4th from web

# @tylerdola Maybe one of your other neighbours already called the #yeg snitch line? He has to remove (within 24? 48hrs?) or be fined.7:44 PM Apr 4th from web in reply to tylerdola

# #Alberta campaign against "dangerous speeders" http://bit.ly/D8aRV If pulled over, demand the cop explain his knowledge of "85th percentile"7:33 PM Apr 4th from web

# I assumed the "missing photo" incident was so when #G20 policies make things worse @pmharper could claim he wasn't there http://bit.ly/6QA1r6:48 PM Apr 4th from web

Now what's causing all the twitter failures? "Some users experiencing missing tweets" Twitter reported... on March 18th.

Dan Houndsell hasn't come up with the reason, though I applaud his efforts.

This thread on Twitter Support is as good a way as any to keep track. Most recently we discover today's problem: tweets not pushing through to your homepage. You can check Twitter's status regularly on Twitter, assuming Twitter is working to provide you the regular status updates.