Whitemud Drive? Or a scene from Lethal Weapon 5?

Charges are pending after a truck hauling an oversized load slammed into an overpass on Whitemud Drive shortly before 2:30 p.m. yesterday, sparking a four-vehicle crash and clogging commuter traffic for hours.

But that isn't the real story here. Global News reported, but the SUN missed, that the cube van in question which was struck by the two large drums was split in two by the impact. The cube van which was split in half proceeded to smash into the concrete barrier, nearly missing a light standard (read: electrical power pole).

What's my point?

The cube van was transporting cannisters of oxygen and acetylene! That's right, two giant metal drums split open a truck full of extremely combustive material which proceeded to nearly strike a source of electrical current.

Do you have any idea what that would look like? The photo in the article shows what may just be the best case scenario. The worst case scenario might look something like this.

The City of Champions is extremely lucky today, and I hope we all appreciate that.