You heard it here first folks (sodomite baseball edition)

Well, I sure avoided that heartbreak this year: Nomar Garciaparra, first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Anaheim Los Angeles, has been placed on the 15-day disabled list. Last year, I believe I've told this story, I had three killer shortstops on my roster: Garciaparra from the Cubbies, leftie-pitcher specialist Khalil Greene* from San Diego, and 2004's NL Rookie-of-the-year Bobby Crosby (no relation to Bubba Crosby from the Yankees, so far as I know). Curiously, all three of them now play baseball in California. Anyways, three quality shortstops, Greene obtained in the 230th-overall range. While checking baseball news on my cell phone in the patio at Sherlock Holmes downtown I discover that Garciaparra was on the DL. The next week, Greene breaks his hand or something. The week after that Crosby hits the disabled list...how all three shortstops are disabled simultaneously is a little disconcerting.
* So when I saw the name "Khalil Greene" I pictured some East Indian kid...Khalil is a popular name amoungst Pakistanis. Surprise suprise when I discover he's Owen Wilson meets a Ginger Kid.

So anyways, Garciaparra, who I would have taken if not for the injury question mark, is now DL-bound. [so is C.C. Sabathia, whom you took too, so you bite one bullet and skipped another one -ed] What does this have to do with news you would know if you were a regular Third Edge of the Sword reader? Well, the first baseman due to replace Garciaparra: James Loney, a double-A player last season who was expected to be on the PCL's Vegas 51s this season, has been called up to the majors to replace him. Loney also got a hit in his major-league debut, and the linked article headline reads "For Loney, It's Night to Remember".

A night to remember for James Loney. Now why does that sound familiar? Politically-minded baseballers are probably scratching their heads at this point. Well, they shouldn't. It wasn't a few weeks ago that another James Loney had a "night to remember", a fact which I observed in this post about the James Loney who's actually a catcher!