Perhaps I was overreacting with the women thing?

If you remember this post you'll remember a young girl who presented a laundry list of requirements lest any man dare show interest the improper way.

Now we bring you the story of:


I'm an uptight, sociopathic bitch. I am incredibly selfish- I'm disorganized, I believe that a home isn't a home unless its stuffed to the ceiling with clutter. I also like to snack at any free moment- I'll shove whatevers around in my face regardless of whether or not I like the taste, I love food. I cook, can't you tell? Apparently, I'm a good cook, and if that's not the case could someone tell me how I got these lovehandles?...... (still interested?) I also like to go Sat and Sun without taking a shower. My days off I'll basically stay right in bed and only move to urinate or I'll spend my time glued to the television set. I know you're probably assuming I'm full of shit, but this is just who I am. I read too much, I postpone everything, and I only care about numero uno. I'm married, so I'm not on here looking for love or sex. Those are the big ones. Don't assume you're the man to make me change my mind, that you're some Adonis that could cause me to stray. I'm just NOT interested, but if you can bring something to the party, some card to the table to keep me amused that would be great. I just want someone to laugh with, virtually. I don't want a rapist, stalker, lover, or whatever you refer yourself as filling up my email with "lets bump uglies" ...
Doesn't she present herself as a perfect catch? You almost have to feel sorry for her husband. But then a little messageboard search brings up this other entry from her:
Don't wink me
Winking is for lazy people. If you can't take the time or effort to sit down and physically type in a "hi" and the intro that usually follows don't f***ing wink me. Isn't that simple? I have over 1,000 winks. I'm not going to respond to any of you. If you write me I might, but if you wink me you don't have a prayer.

I don't like lazy assholes!

Again, that women get so much power to even choose the method in which they get hit on is a sign that something is incredibly wrong and needs to be instantly addressed. Repealing women's suffrage or banning abortion unless the father agrees to it (in which case it becomes mandatory) or something along those lines. Suggestions urgently needed, or we're all doomed.