"And the Mets refuse to go quietly...with two outs they come scrambling back with consecutive hits"

Somebody with more time and skill on their hands than me (Courtesy of Moldy Peaches). That's a hilarious clip (I understand BoSox fans are still a little miffed), and an astounding bit of timing. I mean, getting to the 10th inning with the "right" score was probably fairly easy with somebody as the 2nd player... but its the hit-by-hit accuracy in the 10th that's the tough bit (even though I assume that we're watching a "best of" result of splicing through several attempts... RBI Baseball's scene cutting would make this fairly easy to do).

Still a neat little bit, way better than the 20 minute Mario64 timed attack.

It might even be better than this:
The infamous 11 minute timed attack on Mario 3.

On a personal note, last night I finished the part of True Crime:New York City which has been plaguing me for over 6 weeks. Woo hoo!