They made a fourth of those bloody things?

I haven't been paying much attention to the Hollywood scene lately, so I was a bit shocked to learn that Scary Movie 4 comes out in theatres tomorrow. I've watched the first three, but was relatively unimpressed. The Wayans brothers did the first two, and they inexplicably lost their own franchise to David Zucker for the third (and now the fourth). The first two were basically just what In Living Colour would have done on monster movies had there been no problem showing giant penises thrusting through a man's ear. (Scary Movie 3 didn't even show Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson's bare breasts, which I guess is why the third movie is on TBS and the first two are only available at Rogers Video). Scary Movie 3 was just another David Zucker movie... you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. There can be some new funny bits, but the style is such that you've ended up predicting 2/3rds of the gags before they happen. Well, I can at least: after all, I'm the guy who could predict the end of a Baywatch episode based on the first 10 minutes.

As further proof that Hollywood says jump and I say "huh did you say something?" I present the news that Mischa Barton, whom I could pass at West Edmonton Mall and not recognize (but likely stare at) is now talking about getting herself fired from the T.V. show that has made her bread and butter at the time the show's ratings are slipping. The reason? Well, it seems that she doesn't want to be typecast. Oh no! Not typecast! Perish the thought of that!