See, this would never happen if they listened to me: Mothballed British submarine edition

Fire-damaged sub won't be operational until 2012

Repair work on the fire-ravaged HMCS Chicoutimi won't start until 2010, leaving the Canadian navy short by one submarine and raising concerns about whether the vessel will ever be returned to service.
Oh come on! This illustrates two important things:

Firstly, my plan to create a ground-up Alberta Navy had benefits that clearly the Canadian military never thought of.

Secondly, the purchase of the subs was clearly never a good idea. Yes, I know the subs are considered "top of the line diesels"...they are also used cars, and everybody knows the perils involved there. I'm talking buying the latest in submarines brand-spanking new from Britain and Norway. Who said it was never a good idea? I did. As soon as it happened. (Long before "blogging" was ever invented, mind you, so I have little proof).